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OWNERS: If you are an owner and wish to sell or rent please fill in the form below
BUYERS: Please read all the below information before you contact us with any question or requests

For numerous reason we often have a few Bangtao Beach Gardens apartments for sale by owners who wish to either re-locate to their home Country or have simply found that it's time for a change.

For this reason below we offer you a shortlist of two bedroom apartments in the Bangtao Beach Gardens where the owners are interested in selling their Apartment units, if the price is right. The below list offers are up-dated from April 1st, 2016 and are exclusive offers by the owners.

Current Apartments For Sale.

1. Penthouse 1. From: 5.950.000THB (BEST OFFER - Reduced from 7.000.000)
2. Penthouse 2. From: 6.500.000THB
3. Middle floor/balcony view. From: 6.200.000
4. Ground floor unit: From: 6.250.000 (With small garden and terrace) 

* We have just sold one Penthouse and one garden view units is in the process of selling

The owner last week sold his unit within two weeks of being on the market. The same will happen with the Penthouse and the middle/balcony view apartments due to they are advertising at a VERY good and realistic selling price. Please keep this in mind.

Please also see the buyer guide below for further details.

Penthouses Apartments For Sale

Units available: 2. This apartments is situated on the 3rd and top floor, offering the best views of the surrounding mountains, ocean area and looks down over the pool and gardens.

  • Sales prices from: 5.950.000 Mil THB

Balcony Pool View Apartments For Sale

Units available: 1. These apartments situated on the 2nd floor and give great views of the surrounding mountains and look down over the pool  and gardens.

  • Sales prices: 6.200.000 Mil THB

Pool Level Garden Apartments For Sale

Units available: 1. These apartments are situated on the ground floor and offer views of the garden and pool area.

  • Sales prices from: 6.250.000 Mil THB

OWNERSHIP TITLE DEEDS: The ownership title is: Leasehold in Thai law / Freehold Internationally. The complex is also not classed as a Condominium. Its registered as an apartment building and not a condo. There is the added security of a BVI set up in which all owners receives shares in a Hong Kong registered BVI company which is the majority shareholder of the land owning company. This is to secure the lease extension for the owners once the first 30 year period is up. and carries individual deed of trust for each owner. All title deeds are in the owners name.

* The company is NOT under the Thai 30 year Lease rule. Thus this is effectively Freehold but in simple terms all units are leasehold in perpetuity - it is not subject to the 30 year re-newal rule..

EXTRA BUYERS FEES: As with all condominiums on Phuket there is a annual maintenance charge (for garden upkeep, security, external painting, club, gym, swimming pools, etc and this is around 90,000 baht. There are also one off calls to top up the Sinking fund – usually around 20,000baht. These are not necessarily every year and the amounts can change a little over time.

That’s the extra monthly/yearly fees. Obviously there’s electric, water costs also. Plus if you have UBC/Satellite, telephone etc etc. These are all extra costs.

BUYERS ADVISE: To me, and taking my shoes off and putting a buyers on, The Penthouses offers the best prices and benefits due to you/or your guests will have no people staying above you and just on a buyers perspective you have a whole rooftop also which is privately owned and offering nice views etc. Owners normally add tables/chair, hammocks, Jacuzzi + sun loungers and BBQs etc and make it their own. This is your space and double the SQM of the middle/ground floor units if you take into consideration the rooftop space

CONTACT: Any Apartment units we advertise are in VERY high demand due to we only promote units of owners who are realistic and logical with their selling prices, meaning a fair deal for buyers. Therefore we suggest that any potential interested buyer contacts us now to secure contact and right of purchase.